Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says it's important to “continue to gee everybody up” at Mercedes as the team leaves no stone unturned to strike back in Formula 1 next season.

After winning eight straight constructors' titles, Mercedes struggled with F1's switch to all-new regulations, with several key issues on its 2022 challenger preventing it from keeping up with Red Bull and Ferrari.

While the Brackley outfit has made strides getting on top of the W13 car's handling and bouncing problems, it is still some way behind the frontrunners. After a humbling and bruising season by its high standards, it will need a major push over the off-season to get its 2023 car right.

Hamilton says he is playing his part in trying to keep the team in the factory motivated and ready to come out swinging with next year's W14.

“For sure I’ve got to try and continue to gee everybody up, make sure we leave no stone unturned so that next year, we arrive, and we can fight for positions that we deserve to be fighting for,” Hamilton said.

“I think what we always have to remember is this is a team, there are people at this team that have been here over 20 years and delivered eight titles since I’ve been here, and more before.

“They know how to build a world championship fighting car. For me, it’s just trying to support them in the best way I can.”

Lewis Hamilton at Japanese GP 2022

Hamilton believes his team has a good enough handle on its current issues to build a much-improved challenger for next year, saying he has “no doubt that we'll have a better car” in 2023.

“I think for us we know what the problems are with this car,” he explained. “I believe that we as a team, we've not gone from being world champions to not being able to build a good car.

“I have no doubt that we'll have a better car next year. Whether or not we've rectified every issue that we have this year, we'll find out when we get there.”

With four races left in 2022, Mercedes heads to Austin on 387 points, 67 behind second-placed Ferrari and well clear of midfield challengers Alpine and McLaren, meaning it is all but guaranteed to finish the season in third place in the Constructors’ Championship.

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