All of Jaguar's newly produced C-Type continuation models are special, but the company is making two 70 Edition examples that are even more exceptional than the rest. The pair celebrates the C-Type's first-, second-, fourth-, and ninth-place finishes in the 1953 23 Hours of Le Mans. Each of them costs £1.5 million.

One of the 70 Edition models gets a one-off Verbier Silver exterior colour that pays tribute to the car's platinum anniversary. Inside, there's a Cranberry Red leather upholstery.

Gallery: Jaguar C-Type Edition 70

The other 70 Edition car takes inspiration from the 1953 Le-Mans-winning car. It wears a British Racing Green body and has a cabin with Suede Green leather.

In addition to the special colour schemes, Jaguar partners with the jeweler Deakin & Francis. The company creates the vehicle's silver-enamelled badges. It also makes the key housing and dashboard plaque from a piece of a 1953 C-Type fuel tank.

Gallery: Jaguar C-type Continuation car

Like all of Jaguar's C-Type continuation cars, power comes from a 3.4-litre inline-six engine with three Weber 40DCO3 carburettors that makes 220 bhp (164 kilowatts)

Jaguar announced the C-Type continuation in January 2021 and began handing them over to buyers in June. Each one requires 3,000 hours of construction. The company uses CAD modelling to come up with the shape for the body and then uses period-correct methods to create the vehicle.

If you don't have £1.5 million to spend on a replica of a 1950s race car, you can at least imagine how your ideal example would look. Jaguar has a configurator for the C-Type continuation that includes specifying the body colour, roundels, badges, and upholstery.

The Jaguar Land Rover Classic division keeps busy building various continuation cars that bring a few more examples of its most special models to the road. In addition to the C-Type, the company also offered new versions of the D-Type and various versions of the E-Type.