Tesla will deliver its first Semi trucks to a customer, PepsiCo, on the 1st of December, but the manufacturer is still out testing prototypes and not all of them may be performing as expected. One was spotted stuck halfway up a highway on-ramp with several other vehicles stopped around it, leaving us wondering what exactly happened.

In a short video posted by Serge The Car Hauler on YouTube, he stopped to film this exact scene with the Tesla Semi, another truck carrying a trailer that looks like it is off the road, a tow truck facing the wrong way down the on-ramp and a Tesla service van. Had there not been a second truck (the one that appears to have been driven off the road), we would have assumed that the Semi had encountered a problem rendering it unable to move.

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Maybe the Semi and the other truck were involved in some kind of incident. Perhaps the other truck driver didn’t see the stopped Semi in time and made a sudden avoidance manoeuvre that could have resulted in what we see in the video. There’s a good chance the aforementioned tow truck was there to pull the truck onto the road, not for the Semi.

It could be just that the Semi ran out of electricity in that exact spot - maybe Tesla was testing the vehicle in this way, having it driven with very low state of charge. There’s also a chance something could have malfunctioned, of course, and that wouldn’t be at all surprising given the fact that while Tesla may have learned how to build cars, it isn’t that experienced when it comes to building trucks, so unforeseen problems may arise.

The Tesla service Ford Transit parked behind the Semi could be there to try to give the Semi some juice to get it moving - if indeed that was the problem - or it could have brought technicians and engineers over to diagnose whatever was keeping it from moving. There is a good chance that early Tesla Semi operators will encounter bugs that will be ironed out over time.