The camouflaged BMW prototype you see here might be a bit confusing at a glance. Standing alone, the styling suggests we're looking at a BMW X4 but in fact, this is our first look at the next-generation X2. The small coupe crossover will leave behind its hatchback-like persona, adopting a roofline and styling closer to that of the X4.

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In this instance, we'd say the design changes are evolutionary towards the front, with the rear going a step or two beyond that. Headlights will slim down while the grille grows ever larger, though it won't extend unbroken to the lower portion of the fascia. We can see the outline of the grille's base just above the number plate, but details of the fascia below that are still hidden. It looks like larger corner vents could be in the cards.

The larger changes occur at the rear. Viewing this prototype in profile, the beltline stretches back at a considerably sharper angle. The roof looks taller at the rear pillar, and the hatch is flatter compared to the current X2. It very much resembles the X4 from the side, but parked next to Mini prototypes, we get a better sense of size. That's what solidifies this prototype as a next-gen X2.

We believe the new X2 will ride on BMW's FAAR platform, offering internal-combustion power in the form of familiar turbocharged three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines burning either petrol or diesel. A hopped-up M35i with over 300 bhp is expected to return, but it's unclear at this time if the X2 will head to North America. The X4 is rumoured to end with the current generation, which would leave a spot in BMW's lineup for the X2 to exist.

That's something for which we'll have to wait and see, and we could have a long wait ahead of us. Our sources expect the next-gen X2 to launch in late 2023 as a 2024 model.

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