When Bugatti revealed the Divo in 2018, the automaker noted that it’d produce just 40 cars. The €5 million (approx. £4.4 million) starting price added to its exclusivity, so seeing one in public is rare. It’s even rarer to see one navigating a hillclimb course, but that happened during the 2022 Bernina Gran Turismo in Switzerland.

The bright-yellow Divo wasn’t competing, so the driver kept it far from the limit, but they didn’t creep up the hill either. The driver did push the car as they drove it up the course, with its potent quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 engine belting out a glorious soundtrack that barked with each gearbox shift. The driver gets into the accelerator enough to squeal the tyres and jiggle the rear end loose at least once, but it had an otherwise uneventful run to the finish line.

Gallery: Bugatti Divo

Bugatti designed the Divo to have a unique styling that separated it from the Chiron. The car received a new front-end architecture that changed the look of the car’s face, repositioning the headlights into a vertical orientation. A NACA roof air duct helps feed air to the engine, while a new active rear spoiler keeps the car planted to the ground. The automaker increased the car’s downforce by 90 kilograms (198 pounds) with judicious restyling.

The Divo is lighter than the Chiron by just 35 kg (77 pounds), but it makes the same 1,479 bhp (1,103 kilowatts). Another difference between the two Bugattis is their top speed, with the Divo limited to just 236 miles per hour (380 kilometres per hour). The Chiron can reach a limited speed of 261 mph (420 kph), but the company designed the Divo to perform better on the race track.

While there are only 40 Divos in the world, with the last one leaving the company’s Molsheim factory in July 2021, they have been spotted in the wild before. One owner street-parked their Divo in London alongside other expensive metal, so there is a chance you could catch one out in public, too.