Consumers have flocked to crossovers and SUVs, and automakers have followed. However, the move toward family vehicles hasn’t dampened the need for high-performance ones. Companies adapted, and high-horsepower SUVs are now abundant. A new Sam CarLegion YouTube video gathered three for a series of drag races to see which potent SUV reigns supreme. 

The BMW X3 M Competition has the smallest engine, making 503 bhp (375 kilowatts) and 442 pound-feet (600 Newton-metres) of torque from its twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six engine. An eight-speed automatic transmission routes power to the SUV’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system. It weighs 2,084 kilograms (4,549 pounds).

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Powering the Jeep is the brand’s supercharged 6.2-litre V8 engine. It produces 707 bhp (527 kW) and 645 lb-ft (874 Nm) of torque. It’s the same engine found in Dodge’s Hellcat models. Power routes through an eight-speed gearbox to the all-wheel-drive system. The SUV is the heaviest of the three at 2,422 kW (5,364 lbs).

The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S Coupe also has a V8 engine, but it’s a smaller, 4.0-litre unit that makes 503 bhp and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque. It has a nine-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, weighing 2,081 kW (4,590 lbs).

The Mercedes jumped the line in the first race, getting a sizeable lead that the other two couldn’t close. It crossed the finish line first, but the Jeep was gaining at the end. The BMW placed third. The second race was much closer, with the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and Mercedes leaving the starting line simultaneously, giving the Jeep the opportunity to pull ahead of the GLC to finish first. The BMW took third again.

The two rolling races are where the Jeep struggled. In both instances, it failed to keep up with the other two. The Mercedes pulled away from the group, earning two more victories, with the BMW taking second. The Jeep might have a lot more power than the other two, but it’s also heavier, hurting its performance capability at the end.