After a number of years of development and one name change, the production Rimac Nevera is finally here. Rimac's newest electric hypercar is one of the most powerful of its kind, born out of wedlock between Bugatti and Rimac, now known as Bugatti-Rimac.

And while we've already shared our thoughts on the new Rimac Nevera – notably the fact that it's the fastest thing we've ever driven – it's time for a Jay Leno Leno visit. In the latest episode of the car-centric show, the Nevera gets the spotlight together with Bugatti-Rimac's test and development engineer Miroslav Zrncevic.

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Among the first facts we got from the show was that the Nevera was in development for five years. Zrncevic was in there since day one so if you're looking for someone who has spent time inside the Nevera than anybody else in the world, he's the guy. He's the person who knows the car inside and out.

Zrncevic also said that around £1.43 billion were spent on developing the hypercar. Previously known as the C_Two concept, 17 cars were used during the Nevera's five-year development – 14 of them were featured in a previous video.

The Nevera also comes with four electric motors or one for each wheel. As explained by Zrncevic, this setup enables Rimac to control each one of them as needed and to make the car safer to drive even for beginner drivers. With 1,914 bhp and 1,741 lb-ft of torque on tap, anyone needs all the help they can get to control this monster of a machine.

There is plenty of other tidbits about the Nevera explained by Zrncevic in the video above, so better watch the whole thing if that piques your interest.