After VW, Skoda, Volvo, Renault, Dacia, and Peugeot changed their logos in recent years, Citroën is the next European automaker to tweak its corporate identity. The fresh take on the double chevron is a throwback to the original design from 1919 adopted by André Citroën and represents the tenth evolution in 103 years. We'll see it for the first time on a car soon on what the company refers to as a "significant conceptual family vehicle."

Further down the line, the revised logo in multiple versions will be implemented on production and concept cars from the middle of next year. The French automaker says it's working on a new design language that will make the badge more visible to let everyone know right away they're looking at a Citroën. A similar approach was taken by the sister brand Peugeot with its enlarged lion.

Inspired by iconic cars such as the 2CV and DS, the Monte Carlo Blue shade will return not only as body paint but also as part of the brand identity for corporate and retail. In addition, Infra-Red will replace the current red shade in physical, print, and digital applications.

The revised logo with a vertical oval frame hosting the double chevrons ("deux chevrons" in French") was conceived by Citroën's own design team with assistance from the Stellantis Design Studio, a global brand design agency. It loses the chrome finish and will be used by dealerships, corporate buildings, merchandising, and documentation. Speaking about the tweaked badge, Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée described it as an "elegant symbol of progress" on the road to a purely electric future.

2022 Citroen logo

Along with the logo, the Stellantis brand is introducing a new logo as well: "Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën." The company believes these changes were necessary ahead of its "most exciting chapter" ever taking into account the gradual and inevitable shift to EVs. As part of the parent company's Dare Forward 2030 plan presented earlier this year, all Stellantis passenger cars will be EVs by the end of the decade, including Citroën.

Meanwhile, the new mysterious concept rocking the revised badge is scheduled to debut before the end of this month, meaning we'll see it Friday at the latest.