Rolls-Royce gave the Ghost a significant redesign in 2020, revealing the top-tier Black Badge variant in October 2021. Spofec has gotten its hands on the brand’s high-end entry-level model, and the aftermarket specialist has made some improvements. The Ghost receives visual enhancements and powertrain upgrades that better its performance capabilities.

The Ghost’s twin-turbocharged 6.8-litre V12 engine receives Spofec’s plug-and-play N-Tronic performance module. This has new maps for the injection and ignition while moderately increasing the boost pressure. The result is a Rolls-Royce Ghost that produces 696 bhp (706 PS / 519 kilowatts) and 739 pound-feet (1,002 Newton-metres) of torque. The stock Ghost Black Badge isn’t underpowered, producing 591 bhp (600 PS / 441 kW) and 664 lb-ft (900 Nm).

Gallery: Spofec Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost

The upgraded powertrain helps send the saloon to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in just 4.3 seconds. However, the car’s electronically limited top speed remains at 155 mph (250 kph).

Spofec also tweaks the car’s styling, giving the Rolls-Royce several aerodynamic enhancements. The Ghost receives a new front fascia that replaces the production unit, helping to reduce front-end lift at high speeds. The fascia’s large air intakes also improve airflow to the radiator and brakes.

Spofec rocker panels are also available for both short- and long-wheelbase variants. The rear diffuser is available with or without the tailpipe cutouts, while a subtle lip spoiler on the truck completes the carbon upgrades. The tuner offers an upgraded stainless steel exhaust with or without tailpipes. 

The aftermarket specialist, part of the Novitec Group, also swaps out the stock wheels for 22-inch forged units designed in collaboration with Vossen. They’re available in various finishes and 72 different colours. The Ghost also gets the company’s CAN-Tronic suspension module that uses the Ghost’s air suspension to lower the ride height by about 40 millimetres (1.6 inches) up to 87 mph (140 kph). The car rises to its original ride height at higher speeds.

Spofec will customise the cabin to the owner’s wishes, and we expect Ghost owners to take advantage of the freedom. The tuner offers a selection of different materials and finishes for interiors, regardless of make or model, including the Ghost Black Badge.