When you think about the exterior appearance of a camping trailer, the two shapes that probably come to mind are a teardrop or a rectangle on wheels. The Aliner Evolution goes for a completely different approach by opting for A-frame styling.

The Aliner Evolution features pop-up panels on each side of the roof, which creates more living space inside. The model comes standard with a 185-watt Sunflare Flex 60 solar panel for off-grid power. Four stabiliser jacks keep the trailer steady while camping. Other exterior amenities include an amber porch light, an electrical outlet, and a water hookup. As an option, there's an outside grille available.

Gallery: Aliner Evolution Camping Trailer

Inside, the Evolution is 15 feet (4,572 millimetres) long, and Aliner makes the most of that footprint. The rear sofa folds out into a bed measuring 80 inches by 60 inches (200 x 150 centimetres). The dinette benches can convert into a queen-sized mattress or a pair of 22-inch by 60-inch (55 x 150 cm) bunks.

This camping trailer also has a kitchenette with a sink, stove, and a 3-cubic-foot (85 litre) refrigerator. The Evolution carries a 35-gallon (132 litre) fresh water tank.

A surprising feature in such a small vehicle is that there's a deployable shower. When in place, it measures 32 inches by 32 inches (812 x 812 mm). The device can stow away into the floor. Also, a cabinet hides a cassette toilet.

When resting inside, lots of natural light is available. There are two skylights, and the pop-up panels have windows. Plus, the wall opposite of the entry door has three windows in a triangular orientation.

Aliner uses lots of durable finishes inside this trailer. The floor is a polyvinyl material that's waterproof and slip-resistant. The cabinets and furniture use a marine-grade material called Boatboard.

The Aliner Evolution uses a tubular steel frame that is e-coated. The dry weight is less than 2,300 pounds (1,043 kilograms), and the gross vehicle weight rating is 3,500 pounds (1,588 kilograms).

Prices for the Aliner Evolution start at $39,000 (approx. £35,000), a company spokesperson tells Motor1.com.