The Huracan will lose its naturally aspirated V10 in favour of a twin-turbo V8 but the bigger supercar is sticking with V12 power. Lamborghini has also pledged to skip forced induction for its flagship model, deciding to use a NA engine once again. Both performance cars will be hybrids to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations, with the Urus to follow suit. Meanwhile, the most muscular raging bull of them all has been caught testing.

Spied rolling on exceptionally wide tyres on the streets of Germany, the Aventador successor appeared to have most of the production body panels. The low-slung machine featured yellow high-voltage stickers denoting its partially electrified nature. You'll also notice red kill switches for when something goes horribly wrong and the test driver wants to avoid an even bigger fire fuelled by the battery bursting into flames.

2023 Lamborghini V12 supercar spy photos

Since we mentioned stickers, there are a couple more at the back, illustrating hilariously fake Aventador taillights. The real ones are hiding in plain sight, shaped like the letter "Y" while flanking the top-mounted quad exhaust tips. The rear lights seem to take inspiration from those fitted to the futuristic 2017 Terzo Millennio concept. Lamborghini's obsession with hexagons will continue, as evidenced by the massive air intake behind the number plate.

The dramatic side profile retains the familiar wedge shape and reveals huge air intakes to cool the all-new V12 we've been promised. Huge drilled brake rotors with yellow callipers at the back are lurking from behind the black wheels while the ground clearance is minimal at best. Much like with its predecessor, there's a tiny fixed glass at the base of the A-pillars and the pointy side mirrors sit up high.

The short and stubby nose seemingly incorporates much smaller headlights while flaunting generously sized air intakes. Despite the heavy camouflage, the front fascia already looks angry and intimidating as you would expect from a V12 Lamborghini. Overall, the supercar has all the design attributes of a product from Sant'Agata Bolognese.

The world premiere is scheduled to take place in 2023, but not before an all-terrain Huracan epilogue dubbed Sterrato in the coming weeks.