Certified Pre-Owned Cars Programmes aren't new in the industry. It's the way automakers assure their customers that they're buying a used car that is still up to par with brand-new quality. 

Bugatti is the latest automaker to start offering a Certified Pre-Owned Programme. It's for those one-percentres who are in the market for a Bugatti Chiron or Veyron but only for a used model. Sure, there are several flippers and sellers out there. But given the insanely high maintenance cost of an old Veyron, there are many perks when going through the official route of purchasing a pre-owned Bugatti.

Gallery: Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned Cars Programme

Of course, Bugatti promises utmost quality when buying a Chiron or Veyron through its Certified Pre-Owned Programme.

"Those who choose to purchase a pre-owned Veyron or Chiron through an authorised Bugatti Partner will be able to do so safe in the knowledge that the vehicle they are buying exhibits the incomparable quality expected of the Bugatti macaron," according to the release.

The cars also come with a one-year limited warranty. For the Chiron, it's as comprehensive as the warranty for new vehicles, covering all parts and labour for mechanical, electrical, corrosion, or paintwork issues. On the other hand, the older Veyron's limited warranty covers all mechanical and electrical items, as well as the cost of parts and labour. 

Even better, the one-year limited warranty is honoured wherever in the world. So let's say you bought your Certified Pre-Owned Bugatti in Europe, service centres in the Middle East should honour that warranty (and vice versa).

For the warranty work, only authorised Bugatti Service Partners are allowed to touch the car while only genuine Bugatti replacement parts are to be used. These replacement parts come with a two-year warranty. Certified Pre-Owned buyers also get an inclusive annual service within the first year of ownership, performed at an authorised Bugatti Service Partner.