The Renault Trafic Van E-Tech Electric debuts at the IAA Transportation Motorshow in Hannover, Germany. It's the brand's latest commercial EV and fits above the electrified Kangoo but below the Master in the lineup.

The Trafic Van E-Tech Electric makes 121 bhp (90 kilowatts) from its electric motor. The 52-kilowatt-hour battery provides 149 miles (240 kilometres) of range in the WLTP test. The vehicle supports single-phase 7.0-kW AC charging, 22-kW AC charging at public stations, and an optional 50-kW DC fast charger.

Gallery: Renault Trafic Van E-Tech Electric

The van can carry up to 1,100 kilograms (2,430 pounds). The maximum towing capacity is 750 kilograms (1,653 pounds).

The Trafic Van E-Tech Electric is available in multiple body configurations. The total length is available as 5 metres (16.67 feet) or 5.5 metres (17.98 feet) long. Buyers can choose heights of 2 metres (6.45 feet) or 2.5 metres (8.20 feet). This provides storage volumes from 5.8 cubic metres (205 cubic feet) to 8.9 cubic metres (314 cubic feet), depending on the configuration.

There's also a cabin floor variant for upfitters looking to create custom vehicles using this EV as a starting point.

Renault is not saying when Trafic Van E-Tech Electric goes on sale in Europe. Similarly, there are no pricing details available for it yet.

Gallery: Renault Trafic Hippie Caviar

Last year, Renault introduced the Hippie Caviar Hotel camper van concept (gallery above) using a pre-production electric Trafic as a starting point. One of its most interesting features was a bed that was capable of sliding out of the rear doors to let folks rest in nature. Plus, it had a rooftop terrace with backrests.

Renault even imagined the Caviar Hotel concept having luxury features like the ability to order food into the wilderness, and drones delivered those meals.

The company brings the smaller Hippie Caviar Motel concept to this year's IAA Transportation Motorshow. It uses the electric Kangoo van as a starting point. The vehicle has a bench that folds into a bed, a panoramic roof, and a ski rack. Recycled tyres and cork are on the floors and shelves.