Lamborghini is working on at least one last final version of the Huracan before the supercar gets replaced by a new model. We know for a fact the Italian automaker has plans for a more adventurous take on the model and we have a new spy video with the angry bull to share with you. It comes from Varryx on YouTube and shows us a test prototype of the Huracan Sterrato.

The lifted variant of the supercar was confirmed officially in July this year and the Sant’Agata Bolognese-based company is now in the advanced stages of development. This trial vehicle was caught near the brand’s factory and it was wearing a motley camouflage all around its body. Despite the disguise, however, there are interesting things worth pointing out.

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First, at the front, it appears that the production model will follow the design of the Sterrato concept closely. This is evident by the design of the lower section of the bumper where there’s a camouflaged trapezoidal form. On the concept vehicle, this area had a protective aluminium panel sitting at the bottom of the bumper.

Also visible are the extended wheel arches. We don’t know whether they will have the same form and size as the ones of the Sterrato concept, but we know they will hide wheels that are at least 20 inches in diameter. Previous spy photos have shown the vehicle will also get a big bonnet scoop at the back.

The Huracan Sterrato will be based on the Huracan Evo but will feature substantial modifications to make it more suitable for going off the asphalt roads. These include a lifted suspension by about 47 millimetres (1.85 inches) that can accommodate the large tyres with thicker sidewalls. Lamborghini’s tested and tried V10 will sit behind the seats and will send power to all four wheels. 

Speaking of the mill, the Sterrato concept had a version of the V10 with 640 bhp. Lambo’s AWD system complemented by torque vectoring and all-wheel steering systems are expected to be part of the package. We will know more soon when the Huracan Sterrato will make its official and full debut.