When the Arc Vector electric motorcycle was shown for the first time in 2018, it created a big impact thanks to its distinctive design, superior performance, and cutting-edge technologies. It was completely original in its concept form, with ultra-futuristic style and a focus on speed and performance that set it apart from anything we had ever seen before.

However, Arc has seen its share of difficulties, much like many initiatives aimed towards the future of two-wheeled mobility. You see, Arc declared that it would start producing its motorcycles in 2019, but things had to slow down for Arc because of several roadblocks, not to mention the global pandemic. Having said that, the business has now unveiled the Vector Angel Edition and is hellbent on developing one of the most cutting edge Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) systems for the new motorcycle.

Arc Vector Feature

Through this AE edition, the British manufacturer is giving 10 customers of its ultra high-tech roadster the chance to participate in the final development of the HMI system. The HMI system is designed to replace traditional features of the motorcycle, and includes a full-face helmet with a heads-up-display replacing the rear view mirrors and gauge cluster, as well as a jacket with haptic sensors providing collision avoidance features.

In other words, just as test pilots put brand-new equipment through their paces for the first time, the first 10 customers of the Vector Angel Edition will be part of the final R&D of the bike itself. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

More specifically, the participants will take part in a series of testing, chief of which will be a bunch of circuit runs in the UK and US, wherein their feedback will be essential in improving the Vector’s sophisticated tech systems. Aside from track testing, the Vector will also undergo a series of rigorous road tests, which will ultimately prove most important, as the bike is indeed designed as a street bike. The total testing period is expected to take around two years, and after such time, the testers will receive their very own production models.

If you’re wondering about the specs of the Vector, well, Arc claims that this futuristic naked bike will have a top speed of 200 kilometres per hour, or 125 miles per hour, and be capable of covering distances of up to 436 kilometres (272.5 miles) on a single charge.