We've seen various types of off-roading machines in the past but most of them would crawl rocks and dirt because generally, off-roading isn't about speed. Of course, that doesn't include Baja racers that choose to conquer rocks and sand otherwise.

An off-roader buggy from Mississippi USA begs to differ. Made by a group of off-roaders, the challenge was to create a ride that doesn't know limits and can go anywhere where no one can. The result is this – the Venom Rock Bouncer, otherwise just known as the Venom.

The Venom is just one of the entries in a sport called rock bouncing, which is basically one of the most hardcore forms of off-roading that aims to traverse challenging terrains at the highest speeds possible.

Jack Porter, who presented the buggy in the recent episode of Barcroft Cars' Ridiculous Rides, is a member of Venom Racing – the people behind the Venom. It's basically a roll cage on wheels, unsafe from dirt, mud, and rain but completely safe if ever the off-roader topples over.

Powering the Venom is a Chevrolet V8 engine that puts out 550 bhp (410 kilowatts). The buggy measures 14 feet and 2 inches (4.7 metres) long, weighing 3,600 pounds (1,633 kilograms). The Venom can reach speeds of up to 110 miles per hour (177 kilometres per hour).

Amplifying the buggy's off-roading prowess is the set of 43-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X off-road tyres, wrapped around Raceline wheels. The front axle and suspension are completely custom-built, while the rear shocks can also travel up to 29 inches (735 mm) up and down.

More importantly, the Venom is touted to have the capacity to withstand falls from up to 150 feet (45 metres), which, based on the video above, is extremely important.