Brunswick, Canada-based startup Potential Motors has just revealed its design for a compact electric overlanding van, which it says it wants to bring to market with a starting price of $136,600 (approx. £120,000). You can already pre-order one with a $1,000 initial down payment, but the company has not mentioned when you might take delivery.

Looking at the Potential Adventure 1’s design, what strikes you first is just how long and thin it looks, measuring 1.625 metres (64 inches) wide - tall and narrow are also words it brings to mind. Its ground clearance is also quite high and it features an unusual cab-forward design, which literally means the driver is sitting above the front axle, making the vehicle feel extra manoeuvrable.

Potential Motors Adventure 1
Potential Motors Adventure 1

Its total length is 452 cm (178 inches), which is about 25 cm (10 inches) shorter than a four-door Jeep Wrangler. Given its unusual dimensions and proportions, it looks like no other vehicle currently available and its makers are sure there will be a market for it, even in spite of the high price tag.

What will definitely draw people to this vehicle are its off-road credentials. With such short overhangs, the Adventure 1 has a 40-degree approach angle, 45-degree departure angle and a 29-degree breakover angle, and given how narrow it is, it will likely be able to take you places where a larger off-roader would struggle.

Powering the Adventure 1 will be a pair of electric motors, one for each axle, providing a combined 604 bhp and 737 pound-feet (1,000 Nm) of torque, which should make it rather spritely. Its battery will be relatively small at 70 kWh and it will only give the vehicle a range of around 100 miles (161 km) on one charge, which we presume is off-road because nobody would buy this for on-road driving.

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Interestingly, the vehicle will apparently be classed as a UTV not an actual car/truck, although with the aforementioned power output, it will be far more nippy than any UTV we’ve ever seen, even electric ones. It looks like it will have seating for up to four people side by side up front and plenty of space in the rear for all your camping necessities (it also sleeps two).

Potential Motors is expected to show an Adventure 1 prototype at the Overland Expo East 2022 in October.