How much nicer can you make a brand new Koenigsegg CC850 look? If you're Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC, then the answer is that the supercar can shine even brighter.

This CC850 is the same one from the Monterey Car Week display. It's now heading to a presentation in New York and then a showcase for the wealthy folks who live in the Hamptons. But first, Ammo NYC gets a chance to detail the machine.

Gallery: Koenigsegg CC850

Before pulling it into the wash bay, Kosilla gets to ride shotgun in the CC850. A guy named Christer is behind the wheel. He accompanies the supercar on the various stops around the world. The machine clearly sounds like nothing else on the road and blows flames out of the exhaust when the engine revs.

Kosilla is impressed with the CC850's paint quality because it maxes out the gauge he uses for measuring the thickness. Koenigsegg puts the vehicle through a 25-step painting process to achieve this condition.

Don't expect a cleaning as transformative as one of Ammo NYC's barn finds, but the result is still impressive. The process starts with just a general cleaning. After that, the CC850 gets a layer of Reflex Pro enamel coating. Once the substance cures, it's harder for dirt to stick to the paint.

Having the CC850 in his shop is such a big deal that the local mayor even stops by to check out the Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg is building 70 units of the CC850, which is up from the original plan to make 50 of them. It packs 1,385 bhp from a twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 that makes 1,185 bhp on pump petrol or 1,385 bhp on E85. 

What makes the CC850 especially novel is its transmission. A driver can operate it with a traditional six-speed manual with a clutch or notch the shifter into an automatic position where the gearbox has nine gears. Plus, depending on the driving mode, the gear ratios can change for the manual setting.

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