Dacia, Renault’s low-cost arm for no-frills transportation, has decided to go wild and think outside of the affordable box by developing the Manifesto. It’s an unconventional concept car that won’t go into production, but the Romanian marque claims the electric showcar highlights its intention of catering to outdoorsy people. It gets the new corporate identity with the revised DC logo up front and massive "DACIA" lettering in the back.

It embodies the "less is more theme" by not having pesky body panels like doors, windows, or a windscreen. Also, who needs two headlights when just one will suffice? The hypothetical budget-friendly Ford Bronco also does away with an infotainment system. Instead, you'll be using your own smartphone, much like you can do on lower-end trim levels of the Sandero supermini and Logan subcompact saloon.

Dacia Manifesto

To accentuate the Manifesto is tailored to people seeking an adventure, the interior is washable and the seat covers can be removed and turned into a sleeping bag. To enhance its versatility furthermore, Dacia engineered a modular roof with removable bars. Speaking of things you can easily take off, a removable battery pack turns the Manifesto into a power source, much like some of today’s EVs that have bidirectional charging. That single headlight can also be yanked out and used as a torch.

The few body panels it has are made from recycled plastic and the interior uses cork on the dashboard. Another neat feature is the use of airless tyres, so you won’t have to worry about punctures while you’re in the neck of the woods. Meaty all-terrain tyres and a massive ground clearance give the Manifesto go-anywhere capabilities in the same vein as a buggy.

It would be great for Dacia to introduce a product even remotely similar to the Manifesto, but the brand will remain focused on offering some of the cheapest cars money can buy.

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