Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta testers used to report quite frequently that when the autonomous mode was enabled, their vehicle often didn’t stop at stop signs, which is illegal in the US and the automaker issued a recall to fix the feature prompted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The stop sign running issue also seemed to coincide with the introduction of FSD modes (Chill, Average and Assertive), but Tesla says it has taken steps to fix the issue.

Well, now an FSD beta tester says he got a ticket precisely for the fact that his Tesla Model 3 didn’t stop completely when it approached a stop sign. He doesn’t say which of the three modes he had selected at the time, just that when the vehicle was supposed to stop, it kept rolling and it did it in front of a police patrol and this resulted in him getting a ticket for not having observed the sign.

The driver says he even had a chat about FSD with the officer who pulled him over, who in turn said that his cousin was also an FSD tester, yet he still received a citation not only for the stop sign violation, but also for speeding, which he says he was forced to do because the vehicle was getting onto a faster road and needed to accelerate so as to not risk being rear-ended...

After watching Detroit Tesla’s video twice, I’m still not sure exactly what happened, but if the issue was as he seems to describe it, well, he was fully responsible for anything the vehicle did (even on its own) with him at the wheel. He notes that the speeding charge didn’t stick in court, but that even with the help of a lawyer, they couldn’t get the other one dropped too.

Even when the issue of running stop signs on FSD was much more common, some owners reported that they experienced it all the time, while others said they had never seen it happen. Interestingly, Detroit Tesla tried to replicate the issue in the exact same sport where it happened (because he says he didn’t save the footage of the actual incident), but the car came to a complete stop as it should every time.