It’s been two years since Maserati returned to the supercar segment with the MC20. The car arrived with the all-new and powerful Nettuno V6 engine, and Novitec has had the opportunity to tune it, massaging the engine and the design.

The MC20 packs the company’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine, which rolls off the factory floor producing 621 bhp (463 kilowatts) and 538 pound-feet (729 Newton-metres) of torque. This propels the supercar to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in 2.9 seconds. Novitec increases the output by 80 bhp (60 kW) and 64 lb-ft (88 Nm), bringing the total to 701 bhp (711 PS / 523 kW) and 603 lb-ft (818 Nm).

Gallery: Novitec Maserati MC20 (2022)

The extra oomph cuts 0.1 seconds off its 0-62 time, dropping it to 2.8. It’ll reach 124 mph (200 kph) in just 8.4 seconds. The supercar’s top speed also increases from 201 mph (323 kph) to more than 202 mph (325 kph). Novitec does not provide a specific top-speed number.

Novitec achieves the additional power by adding two of its proprietary plug-and-play N-Tronic modules that tweak the car’s electronic engine control system. This implements new injection, boost pressure control, and ignition timing maps. Novitec also adds a high-performance exhaust system with sport mufflers, allowing the engine to breathe more freely.

It’s optionally available with active sound management, and customers can get the exhaust system in either stainless steel or Inconel. Novitec offers 999 fine gold plating for the exhaust systems as an additional upgrade. Completing the exhaust system are 100-millimetre diameter carbon/stainless exhaust pipes.

The tuning specialist also modifies the Maserati’s aerodynamics, adding a new lip spoiler and a new ducktail rear spoiler. Both improve the car’s handling by helping to keep the car planted on the race track. Maserati also adds naked carbon inserts to the front bonnet and air intakes.

Novitec’s visual upgrades include new  NF 10 wheels developed with Vossen. The staggered 20-inch front and 21-inch rear help further emphasize the MC20’s wedge shape. Inside, the tuner offers customers a range of customization choices with fine leather and Alcantara on the menu.