BMW is currently testing different prototypes of the overhauled 5 Series family around Europe including at least a few M5 trial vehicles making evaluations around the Old continent. Our professional photographers have already caught some of them on the road and today we have a new batch of spy photos, showing a fully camouflaged test car revealing some new design details.

The Bavarian company was probably attempting to test the vehicle’s cooling system under heavy load with the attached trailer at the back. That’s why the front fascia has less disguise than before and we can finally see the shape and design of the front bumper. The plastic piece looks very sculptured with a large opening in the lower section with a trapezoidal shape of the lower grille. Two more air openings can be seen at the sides of the bumper.

Gallery: 2024 BMW M5 new spy photos

Just earlier this month, we saw another prototype with a fully covered bumper but wearing its production headlights. The newer shots show a car that is equipped with provisional lights but there’s already enough information for the rendering artists to create an early preview of the new M5. We expect to have an unofficial rendering to share with you soon.

Other than the undisguised bumper, this prototype looks pretty much like all previous M5s we’ve spotted. It has “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers on the front doors and rear bumper, which corresponds with the fact that the new M5 will have an electrified powertrain. It will combine a 4.4-litrе twin-turbo V8 engine with an electric motor for an estimated peak output of around 650 bhp.

What you can see in the attached photos above is the M5 Saloon. We are saying that because it is planned to go into production in July 2024 and to be followed by an M5 Touring later that year. We haven’t seen prototypes of the long-roof performance machine, though.