These days, off-road-capable camper vans are rather common. Finding a large RV capable of such adventure, however, isn't common at all. Enter WanderBOX, a Colorado-based company building the Outpost 35 – a Ford-based rig boasting all the amenities of home and work in a 4x4 package that can stay off-grid for weeks at a time. And at $399,000 (approx. £350,000), it's less expensive than many similar-sized vehicles with off-road chops.

What exactly does one get for that price? The Outpost 35's list of standard equipment is long, with features like a built-in washer/dryer combo, a 17 cubic-foot (481 litres) refrigerator in a full-size kitchen, an outdoor kitchen, a full bathroom with a large shower, an electric awning, and multiple 42-inch televisions among many features.

WanderBOX Outpost 35 Living Room
WanderBOX Outpost 35 Interior Kitchen

It's designed to sleep four people with beds located front and rear, but the rear bedroom also converts into a large mobile office with a massive desk and dual monitors built-in. Seven-foot ceilings offer spacious accommodations throughout, and a pass-through beneath the fold-out bar at the front offers access to the cab without going outside.

WanderBOX Outpost 35 Office Desk
WanderBOX Outpost 35 Bedroom
WanderBOX Outpost 35 Interior

A Ford F-600 regular cab truck serves as the foundation, riding on a 260-inch wheelbase with 41-inch off-road tyres. It carries the hand-built living quarters, consisting of an aluminium honeycomb exoskeleton with composite panels and insulated walls for four-season capability.

The beefy truck allows for plentiful water storage, including 200 gallons (757 litres) of fresh water, a 125-gallon (473 litres) grey tank, and 75-gallon (284 litres) black water tanks. The company is also working on a three-phase water filtration system with UV support to recycle onboard water, either stored in the fresh water tank or into an additional recycled water tank.

Off-grid electricity is supplied by seven solar panels generating 2,800 watts combined. An alternator-based generator system is also included to supplement the solar if the 24 kWh lithium battery pack gets too low. Multiple colour touchscreens are installed to control all the systems, and for occasions when the Outpost 35 is on the grid, a 50-amp shore power hookup is available. A 40,000-BTU diesel heating system, 30,000-BTU multi-zone air conditioning system, and Starlink satellite internet are also part of the package – all listed as standard equipment.

Gallery: WanderBOX Outpost 35

Speaking to, WanderBOX Head of Sales and Marketing Mike Bristol emphasised the practicality of the Outpost 35, not just as something capable of going off-grid, but staying there for a while. There's also some discussion at the company about offering the Outpost 35 for commercial applications, such as an emergency-access vehicle or mobile command and control centre.

"Here's our objective: get you off pavement, get you into the country, and stay there for more than just a long weekend," he said. "Instead of just saying it's got a washer/dryer, it's got this, it's got that; this is why. If you want to get out there and stay out there, this is what you need."

WanderBOX Outpost 32 Renderings
WanderBOX Outpost 32 Renderings

Right now, WanderBOX lists a delivery time of six to nine months from orders placed. For those seeking something a bit smaller, the company is working on an Outpost 32 model with a 227-inch wheelbase that includes the same features found on the 35. The Outpost 32 is previewed above; more information on that motorhome will be available soon.