Designer Giacomo Galbiati is the man behind GDesign, and has previously worked on projects with Moto Guzzi. He resides in northern Italy close to Lake Como. However, his most recent creation aims to leave the realm of traditional motorcycles and enter the incredibly lucrative world of electric mobility, but with a twist. He's calling it the Elettracker, and it's a contemporary machine that draws design cues from bygone times.

Giacomo chose to base the Elettracker's design on a bicycle rather than a motorbike. This is evident both in the straightforward frame and even more so with the presence of pedals. It is obvious that this piece was built with form over function in mind because it doesn't take the form of a conventional bike but rather a hipster cruiser cycle. Giacomo claims that the Elettracker was influenced by the well-known board trackers produced by Indian and Harley-Davidson when they first appeared on the scene more than a century ago.

Elettracker Is An Electric Moped Disguised As A Board Track Racer

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Elettracker is the way the batteries have been arranged to resemble a V-Twin engine. While this may certainly look cool, it provides a decent amount of oomph,too. Overall, the bike’s electric motor has a peak output of 2.5 kilowatts, which translates to around 3.4 horsepower on what’s basically an e-bike. The unique, V-Twin-esque battery pack is rated at 72 volts, and returns a range of around 25 miles on a single charge. The powertrain is claimed to be able to propel the Elettracker to a top speed of 56 miles per hour.

Apart from the star attraction, the Elettracker gets vintage aesthetics that give it a charming personality. It rides on a hardtail frame equipped with a leather saddle. Upfront is a retro-style springer fork that should offer some respite from bumpy roads. Furthermore, because the Elettracker is capable of speeds faster than most bicyclists are comfortable with, it gets a steering damper to keep the front end stable at speed. The bike rolls on 26-inch wheels, and has disc brakes up front and out back for confident stopping. Overall, the Elettracker tips the scales at just under 50 kilograms.

Elettracker Is An Electric Moped Disguised As A Board Track Racer

Other touches include swept-down handlebars covered in brown leather. A set of Kustom Tech hinged levers give the bike an authentic aesthetic. All the cables and wires pertaining to the bike’s electronic and mechanical components have been concealed beneath the frame, keeping the build very clean. Last but not least, the Elettracker doesn’t miss out on modern tech, and gets Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated mobile app.