Tesla has been using the Semi for several months within its own fleet, however customer deliveries are still yet to take place. That said, last month Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed deliveries of the electric truck would begin later this year - and now the firm is hiring for its “Semi Service Program”. 

Effectively Tesla is looking for more Semi service technicians. The automaker first started hiring for its Semi Service Program last year and is now looking to acquire additional staff ahead of customer deliveries. The following was posted on Tesla's website:

We are looking for experienced Service Technicians to support the growth of the Semi Service Program.

The key aspects of the job were also outlined, as were the locations that are hiring.

Our goal is to find experienced technicians looking to take their careers to the next level. They will be supporting product and service development, as well as being the FIRST technicians to provide an in-person service to our new customers our locations below:

Fremont, CA

Sacramento, CA

Modesto, CA

Central Valley, CA

Walmart, Pepsi, and DHL are just a few of several companies with Tesla Semi orders.

In terms of specs, the standard $150,000 Tesla Semi is powered by a ginormous 600 kWh battery and is capable of 300 miles per charge. Meanwhile, an even larger 1,000 kWh pack is available for an extra $30,000 and provides 500 miles of range.

The Semi can charge from 0-70% in as little as 30 minutes and has an 82,000 lbs (37,195 kilograms) total weight capacity limit. Tesla also claims each Semi will save fleet operators an average of $200,000 in fuel over their first three years of ownership.