In Europe, companies like Camperiz from Spain are taking the Dacia Jogger and converting it into a compact camper. This little van has several advantages as a motorhome. First, the vehicle is affordable, and there's a decent amount of interior space. The combination is a good recipe for folks looking for a camper van at a reasonable price for weekends in the wilderness.

On the outside, there's nothing separating Camperiz's work on the Dacia Jogger, versus the stock van. An optional roof box adds to the rig's storage capacity.

Gallery: Dacia Jogger Camper by Camperiz

The interior is where this little van becomes a useful camper for a weekend away. The features include a tiny refrigerator, sink, and portable gas stove. For off-grid use, there's a 100-amp auxiliary battery for additional electricity and a 12-litre fresh water tank. The rear seating and cargo areas convert into a folding bed with a removable mattress. A small heater is an option if you plan to take this van camping when the temperatures get chilly.

Once you're at the camping spot, the vehicle has two folding outdoor chairs and a matching table. The Dacia Jogger by Camperiz gets power from an engine running on either petrol or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that makes 99 bhp. It hooks up to a six-speed manual gearbox. The vehicle's interior comes with an 8-inch infotainment screen.

Dacia Jogger Camper by Camperiz

The Dacia Jogger by Camperiz starts at €23,295 in Spain. There are several optional upgrades to take the price higher. In addition to the aforementioned improvements, customers can add things like a 150-watt, 230-volt inverter, outdoor tent, ski rack, surfboard carrier, water heater, and bike rack.

Dacia Jogger Camper by Camperiz