BMW isn't shy about parading its camouflaged test vehicles in public. That's why we have so many sightings that can sometimes begin years before a debut. This particular moment catches a next-generation 5 Series up close, but this time the heavy covers behind the camo wrap are largely gone.

That means we can see some fresh detail on the sedan's face, notably with the grille. Compared with the current model, it actually doesn't change much at all. Vertical bars are clearly visible now, and a close look reveals an outline nearly identical to the present 5er. There's a bit more angle to the upper corners, and the angles on the bottom corners are shallower. As a result, the grille dips a bit lower into the fascia but not excessively so.

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We also are treated to a clear shot of the headlights, which on this prototype appear to be production spec. They will be slimmer, though nothing like what we see on the 7 Series. That means we don't expect a split-light configuration, a feature that's controversial on BMW's flagship saloon. It could have a square chin like the 7 Series though, as we can similar vertical lines beneath the camouflage at the corners of the fascia.

There are no markings on this prototype identifying it as either a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle. We know BMW will offer the new 5 Series in both formats as well as internal combustion only. In fact, we caught all three powertrains in a single sighting back in March, with the only distinguishing features among them being clear markings identifying what's hiding under the skin. In all likelihood, the car seen here is a standard-issue 5 Series packing a combustion engine with exhaust neatly hidden beneath the car.

We haven't heard anything new regarding specific power outputs or interior design. We glimpsed a largely covered 5 Series interior in late 2021, and as you can expect, it will receive a major digital makeover with screens galore. For performance buffs, we hear the new M5 could pack a 700-bhp punch with a plug-in hybrid setup.

Despite seeing prototypes for nearly a year already, don't expect a reveal anytime soon. Our sources are saying the camo could come off sometime in the first quarter of 2023, starting with the standard 5 Series for the 2024 model year. Various hybrid iterations and the hot M5 would follow later.