For the 2023 model year, Hymer is giving its Fiat Camper Vans a major overhaul. The outgoing design, which has been around for six years, will be replaced by revamped styling and functionalities that aim to target a new set of buyers. According to the German company, camping has undergone a fundamental change in image in recent years, with younger and newbie motorhome buyers expressing more interest.

That said, the Hymer Camper Van model range on Fiat chassis has been updated with design, user comfort, and connectivity in mind. There will be four models, namely Ayers Rock, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone.

Gallery: New Hymer Camper Vans On Fiat Chassis

Hymer said that design and furnishings are getting an update, as well as the installations and bodywork too. Some insights and individual elements from the Hymer VisionVenture concept vehicle from 2019 are also incorporated into the overhauled camper vans.

A brand-new interior design with two different styles is among the highlights of the updated Hymer Fiat Camper Vans. Cork, ceramics, and solid-surface materials are used for that natural look, while premium felt was used for thermal insulation and sound absorption. All the Camper Van models come with a touch-operated, four-level lighting feature to complete the cabin ambience. There will also be a skylight feature in the cabin that improves natural light and the flow of air.

The updated camper van lineup will also get smart enhancements such as the Hymer Connect app. This app controls several vehicle components, plus a display of various vehicle information (like filling levels of the fresh water and grey water tanks) in a single digital platform.

The Hymer Fiat Camper Vans will start at €67,900 or around £58,500 (with the current exchange rates) for the Ayers Rock model. It ceilings at €71,400 (~£61,500) for the bigger and more functional Yellowstone model.

Sales will begin in spring 2023 throughout Europe. It's unclear when Hymer USA will start selling the revamped Fiat-based Camper Vans on American soil.