After many galleries of spy shots, we know that a refreshed Porsche Cayenne is on the way, but the photos in this gallery are our best look yet. The only camouflage is the decal around the headlights and the partial covering over the taillights. There are looks at the range-topping Turbo GT and a lesser model.

In front, the updated Cayenne has a more open nose with skinny slats. The reshaped headlights seem a bit slimmer and no longer have the existing vehicle's rounded triangular shape. The lamps appear to have a more upright position, too, which gives the refreshed crossover a brawny look.

Gallery: Porsche Cayenne Refresh Spy Shots

At the back, the taillights appear to be even narrower than the current design. They are now a uniform height, rather than having a thicker notch on the outside section.

While not visible in these photos, the updated Cayenne has a significantly revised cabin. The dashboard now sticks out past the infotainment screen, and there's a tiny shelf below it. Next to the steering wheel, there's a blocky gearshift that's similar in design to the one in the 992-generation 911 but in a different location.

With the gearshift in a new spot, the Cayenne has an overhauled center console. A storage cubby is at the base, and there is also a row of toggle switches ahead of the cupholders.

We don't have any official info about the refreshed Cayenne yet. According to a rumour, the 2.9-litre V6 and 4.0-litre V8 are more powerful. The PHEV also allegedly has some updates.

Look for the refreshed Cayenne to be available for the 2023 model year. There are no details yet about an exact date for the unveiling. It's also not clear whether the standard body and the coupe would have a premiere at the same time.

Porsche is working on a larger electric crossover to fit above the upcoming Macan EV. Currently, it's not clear whether this vehicle would be a Cayenne EV or would at least fill that spot in the lineup. The electric model is still several years away.

For a review of the current Cayenne Turbo GT, check out the video below: