August 26 was International Dog Day and Honda celebrated in the United Kingdom by introducing some new accessories to make your pup's car ride better.

Honda is selling the pet-friendly accessories as a pack consisting of a rear seat fence, rubber floor mats, a boot mat, a foldable cargo mat, and a paintwork-protecting boot step protector. The sets are available for five models. The company mixes and matches the pieces depending on the vehicle. The table below is the easiest way to understand the offerings.

  2017-2021 Civic (Petrol-Fuelled) 2021-2023 Jazz Hybrid 2022 HR-V Hybrid 2023 Civic Hybrid 2019-2022 CR-V Hybrid
Rear-Seat Fence Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rubber Mats Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boot Mat Yes No No No Yes
Foldable Cargo Mat No Yes Yes Yes No
Boot Step Protector No No No No Yes
Price £530 £570 £670 £695 £810

The packs are available from Honda UK starting 26 August. For a limited time, each one is available at a 20-percent discount.

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Honda said the decision to offer the accessories came because of the positive response to the company's April Fool's Day joke in 2022. The company showed off the fake concept for a dog-friendly front seat. It had a food dispenser, slots to hold bowels, an extra-long base, and attachment points for a harness. The most fanciful feature was the air conditioning blowing out of the side bolsters.

Gallery: Honda Introduces Paw Accessories For Dog Lovers Of Japan

In Japan, the automaker has the Honda Dog accessory line (gallery above) that's specifically for pet-friendly parts. There's even a carrier that attaches to the seat so that your pooch can ride along in style.

Honda's positive relationship with dogs isn't a new phenomenon. In 2010, the company introduced the Dog Friendly package for the Element in the US. It included a kennel in the rear cargo area with a bed, a spill-resistant water bowl, and an electric fan. Elsewhere, the vehicle came with dog-bone-shaped floor mats and special badges showing a dog in profile.