In this instance, the term spy photo evokes a slightly different meaning from what we usually present. As far as we can tell, there isn't a single piece of camouflage anywhere on this Ford van. We see no plastic panels. There are no fake light decals. Even the Ford badges are on full display. Folks, this is the all-new Ford Transit Custom fully revealed, at least from a design perspective.

The Transit Custom is a van offered in Europe, where the current model has existed for several years now. And in the interest of full disclosure, there are some things on this particular van worth pointing out. We see no camo, but there is black tape covering the entire body line where the raised roof sits on the van. There's more tape on the bodyline above that, with a bit more tape reaching around the front of the steeply-raked roof. The purpose for this is unknown, but it's a sign that this vehicle isn't destined for a dealership lot. It's also missing a mirror housing and the rear bumper.

Gallery: 2023 Ford Transit Custom No Camo Spy Photos

These are minor foibles in the larger picture, however. Without any camouflage to speak of, a full debut of the next-generation Transit Custom is likely just around the corner. That's reinforced by the new all-electric E-Transit Custom that was revealed back in May, carrying nearly identical styling. Not all E-Transit details were announced, however – Ford said that would come in September. Is it merely a coincidence that a new Transit Custom test vehicle appears sans camouflage with September less than a week away? That's highly unlikely.

Clearly, the E-Transit Custom and the internal combustion model have much in common. The front fascia and grille are slightly different, obviously out of necessity since engines still require air for power and cooling. We are expecting a range of petrol and diesel mills, either direct carryovers of the 2.2-litre and 2.0-litre engines currently offered or variations of them. Hybrid powertrains are also a distinct possibility.

Expect full information on the new Ford Transit Custom coming soon, possibly just weeks away.