Even though beta testers are supposed to find bugs and report on the state of software in order for improvements to be made, it seems they are not allowed to complain about Tesla Full Self-Driving. One FSD tester recently took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the current state of the system, and he was quickly shut down by Elon Musk who even made him apologise for complaining...

James Locke from Los Angeles, California wrote that he still had to make corrections and intervene when FSD Beta version 10.69 was engaged and that a lot more work needed to be done on the software before it’s ready. He also wrote in his tweet that Tesla put too much focus on fixing the problematic left turn discovered by another tester, Chuck Cook, and left more basic problems unsolved (although he didn’t elaborate on what he believed those were).


Less than two hours after the tweet was published, Elon Musk replied telling Locke to not complain because the version he was testing was not yet a public release. He then replied to another comment from someone taking James’ side explaining that James had contacted him directly to be included in the “early” beta programme limited to around 1,000 cars.

Elon goes on to say that “early beta explicitly has issues or it would be rolled out widely, so publicly criticising something he had asked for is wrong.


But even so, there were plenty of people in the comments on James’ side, and he goes on to criticise the FSD price increase, pointing to the fact that, in his experience, the system still has issues getting the car to change lanes.

Tesla is going to raise the price of the FSD option to $15,000 in the United States, a $3,000 increase, which will come into effect on September 5. This is the second major price increase for FSD this year, after Tesla raised the cost to $12,000 in January after a $2,000 increase.