It’s 2022, and you know what that means? If you’re a Honda Fireblade fan, it’s the 30th anniversary of that legendary superbike! While we’ve already introduced you to the special 30th-anniversary edition Fireblade that Honda put together for the occasion, today we’ve got something even more special for you to enjoy. 

Back in February, 2022, we first told you about Byrne Out—six-time British Superbikes champion Shane “Shakey” Byrne’s new moto series on auto journalist Jonny Smith’s YouTube channel. To kick things off, Byrne took us to get up close and personal with a 2022 Ariel Ace motorcycle

Now that it’s August, he’s back with a new ultra-cool, one-of-a-kind British motorbike experience. In this video, he’s visiting Honda UK to have a look at both the first-ever Fireblade from 1992, the new 30th anniversary edition from 2022—and all the ‘Blades in between, as well as a boatload of important Honda racing history. Oh, and he’s meeting a Honda road racing legend called John McGuinness for a fun little ride on some of these historic ‘Blades. No big deal, right? 

What happens when you get racers together? They talk about racing, of course. Since both Byrne and McGuinness have long motorbike histories, they of course have a lot to say—and if you’re the type of person who enjoys listening in on conversations like this, you’ll have a great time watching and learning.  

It’s not just a time for bikes and coffee and a chat, though—there's riding to be done! The pair take a 1992 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade out for a little jaunt around the area, as well as a brand-new, 2022 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade for the sake of comparison. They’re bookends to a rich, performance-oriented history—with two racing legends out riding them on public roads. 

It’s honestly quite a sight and sound to behold. Assuming that most of us here aren’t racing legends, it’s always a bit fascinating to get that fly on the wall perspective that comes from a video like this. At the same time, it’s also amazing to see how far Honda has come since its first Fireblade introduction—and the worlds apart that these two bikes seem to be in terms of technological advancement.  

Give it a watch, and a listen—and have a snack while you’re at it. Then go for a ride of your own (even if it's not on a 'Blade).