Lexus is preparing to launch an entire series of electric models, which it previewed with several stunning concepts, one of which is seen as a successor to the iconic LFA sports car. It even has several design details that are a clear nod to the fire-breathing V10 original, but given that this new two-door will be fully-electric, the design has changed, mainly in the quest for improved aerodynamics.

Supercar Blondie got privileged access to do an in-depth walk-around of the study, officially known as the Lexus All-Electric Sport Concept. She shows us around the car in the video, pointing to the various design details that are similar to the LFA, but also where they differ.

And aside from the very obvious difference in their aesthetic (the LFA is more angular, while the new electric concept is more rounded), if you look at the two vehicles’ side profiles, they really don’t match. In fact, even though the LFA has a big 4.8-litre V10 engine under its hood, it’s the concept’s front section that appears more elongated, long enough to even accommodate a V12 engine.

Maybe Lexus wants to create a big frunk under the bonnet, especially given that the very low, tapering rear end doesn’t look like it leaves much room for cargo. This is probably the area where the two vehicles differ the most - the LFA has a very tall rear end, which looks completely different to the study, so having the luggage compartment in the front would actually make a lot of sense here.

The specs for the production version of the concept are still kept secret for now, but the manufacturer has announced that it will be more than 430 miles (692 kg) on one charge. When it comes to performance, the new model needs to be quicker than the original, so reports stating that it could have 800 bhp don’t seem far-fetched for this style of vehicle with an electric powertrain; the acceleration time to 60 mph (96 km/h) should be around the 2.5-second mark and it may even get simulated gears...