Real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin is known to have a soft spot for the McLaren SLR (he owns nine), but his collection includes some of the most desirable supercars ever made. Aside from a Bugatti Veyron, he commissioned a one-off Hermes Edition of the Chiron to go along with his Huayra and Speedtail Hermes models. Speaking of McLarens, the businessman invited two of Woking's top designers to take his Bugattis out for a spin.

Aside from driving his prized possession, Manny Khoshbin also lets other people sample his supercars. Alex and Steve from McLaren's design team had the opportunity to drive both W16 monsters from Molsheim and let's just say they were left impressed by the whole experience a Bugatti offers. One packs 1,001 metric horsepower while the other is rated at 1,500 PS, so they're both playing in the four-digit horsepower league along with McLaren's very own Speedtail.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes Edition

While the Speedtail gets 1,055 PS with the help of an electric motor, the Bugatti duo is pure ICE with an 8.0-litre engine. The peeps from McLaren enjoyed the sensation provided by the quad turbochargers and also liked how planted the cars felt despite their ludicrous power. The Chiron's interior gave the impression of "driving a nice piece of sculpture or jewelry."

The Veyron felt more engaging to drive while the Chiron was the more refined car. Needless to say, both provided a different experience compared to the current crop of McLarens. Bugattis are more comfortable GTs with endless power resources while the likes of the 720S and Senna are more track-focused machines that love to take corners at high speeds.

Aside from owning a Veyron and a Chiron, Manny also happens to have the Bolide on order. Sold out since the beginning of the year, it's essentially a track version of the Chiron weighing only 1,450 kilograms (3,196 pounds), which is amazing for a hypercar with a massive sixteen-cylinder engine. Only 40 will be made, at €4 million (approx. £3.4 million) before taxes.