It's no secret that we love estates here in Motor1. And if you ask us, one of the most endearing estates ever made was the BMW 3 Series E30 – the first 3er to get the body type. But what's better than an E30 Touring? An E30 Touring with a matching trailer, of course.

The Hagen Police were in for a treat when they flagged down a second-generation BMW 3 Series at a checkpoint for its safety campaign. Upon close inspection, the vehicle was fine and safe, though it piqued the attention of the authorities for its weird looks. So much so that the Hagen Police Department posted the vehicle on its Facebook page along with the words Kurioser Wohnanhänger or "strange trailer."


The social media post came with a German caption that roughly translates to:

You don't see something like this every day in a check: We noticed this homemade trailer at one of our checkpoints under the motto #safeonvacation. We took a closer look and everything was fine. By the way, the mattress in the trailer looked very comfortable. We wished the driver of the team safe onward journey and a nice holiday!

Whatever was inside that trailer, it sure looked cosy and enticing, according to the police department.

As you can see, this isn't just a chopped-off 3 Series estate converted into a trailer. It actually consists of two E30 tails (with wheels) in opposite directions and welded together in the middle. And yes, the trailer matches the towing vehicle, including the paint colour and wheels, which adds to the uniqueness of this build.

The strange trailer appears to be homemade and we commend the person who imagined it in the first place.