James Bond has a license to build at the newly upgraded Lego store in London's Leicester Square. As part of the special exhibits decorating the shop, there's a full-size Aston Martin DB5 using 347,954 of the plastic bricks. It even has a rotating number plate like the super spy's gadget-laden car.

The video below offers a glimpse of the Lego DB5's construction. It took 1,366 hours for the team to assemble, equivalent to nearly 57 days. There are neat features like functional headlights and instruments that illuminate inside the cabin. The steering wheel seems to be the only part that doesn't use the blocks in its assembly.


The builders assemble it so that the passenger side door and roof are gone. This makes it look like Bond just launched a bad guy out of the ejector seat. Plus, visitors to the Lego store can get a better look inside the vehicle. A giant Lego Minifig that looks like Bond stands next to the vehicle.

The completed Lego Aston Martin weighs over 1,000 kilograms (2,204 pounds). For comparison, an authentic DB5 weighs 1,468 kg (3,236 lbs), according to Aston Martin.


The revamp to the Leicester Square Lego store will make it the brand's largest shop in the world. In addition to the life-sized Aston Martin, there will be a celebration of Harry Potter and a double-decker bus on display there. The largest exhibit in the store will be the so-called Tree of Discovery with over half a million pieces.

If you want your own Lego model of James Bond's DB5, there's good news and bad news. Unfortunately, the older, 1,295-piece kit is no longer in production. It had a retail price of £129.99 and measured 330 millimetres (13 inches) long when complete.

On the other hand, Lego is launching a smaller DB5 on August 18 as part of its Speed Champions line. The kit has 298 pieces and is 165 mm (6.5 in) long when complete. While only about half the size of the other kit, this one has a retail price of £19.99.