BMW i7 is the heaviest variant of new 7 Series and you can really tell in this video showing a prototype being driven on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It first shows the ICE 7 Series (the 760i model) going around two corners, then switches to the i7 and the latter does look like it leans quite a bit more through the turns.

The i7 draws from a 105 kWh battery pack, it goes around 300 miles on one charge (not yet confirmed by the EPA) and accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.7 seconds. Both the electric and V8 versions have the exact same quoted 536 bhp, but because the i7 is so much heavier than the 760i, it is half a second slower in the benchmark sprint.

The electric variant does have a better turning circle and a lower coefficient of drag, but its boot is 40 litres (1.4 cubic feet) smaller. 

With a weight of 2,715 kg or 4,985 pounds, the i7 is around 400 kg or 880 pounds heavier, and even though that extra weight (all of which comes courtesy of the huge battery pack) is low in the vehicle, it clearly makes the EV visibly more encumbered around the bends compared to the V8. Mind you, nobody will take their i7 to the track and drive it like they do in this video published by Car Spy Media, but if someone will, they will be holding on for dear life.

BMW is expected to begin customer deliveries of the i7 in Europe later this summer and it should reach UK shores in December. Currently, just one electric model variant is offered, the dual-motor i7 xDrive60, and it has a starting price of £107,400 RRP.