Fisker really needs the Ocean electric SUV to be successful, and the prospect for its success really seems to polarise opinions these days. But if the Ocean does deliver and hits a sweet spot with buyers, then Fisker will be able to continue work on its two other projects, the dramatic four-door convertible sports car, the Ronin, and the firm’s affordable model, the $29,900 Pear.

The latter has been teased several times, giving us a pretty good idea of what it could look like in production guise, especially since recent Fisker teasers have been blurring the lines between concept and production vehicles, so you really don’t know what might change for production and what will stay the same.

When I asked Henrik Fisker last month whether the Pear was a hatchback or a crossover, he said it was neither and that he views this vehicle as having a new type of body style. He also noted that it won’t have a typical hatchback opening in the rear as the company has devised a unique, proprietary solution that allows for the boot to be opened in tight spaces.

Gallery: Fisker Project Pear (Teaserbilder)

But what will the production version of the Pear, if it ever actually becomes a series model, look like? Well, the guys from TopElectricSUV decided to give rendering it a shot and it actually looks pretty credible, if a bit strange looking. That’s not to say the rendering is bad, because it isn’t, but the vehicle it portrays is very unusual.

It frankly looks like a reimagining of the Fiat Multipla, especially with the shape of the A-pillar, the short bonnet and the tall, upright greenhouse. However, it does have far bigger wheels in relation to the rest of the body, and even though Henrik Fisker said this is a kind of crossover, we really can’t see it in this rendering.