The first production-spec Rimac Nevera is complete, and Nico Rosberg is taking delivery of it. He records the whole experience at the automaker's headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia, while hanging out with company boss Mate Rimac.

Before Rosberg takes delivery of his Nevera, he and Rimac take a tour through the hall where the company keeps its prototypes for the model. At the end of the row, there's a Bugatti Chiron, and the pair start discussing the next model from Bugatti. Rimac lets some intriguing details slip out. 

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First, he points to the Chiron and says this is one of the last with the W16 engine. After Rosberg pushes a bit, Rimac says: "It's going in the opposite direction everybody probably expects." Finally, Rosberg offers a hint that he's also buying an AMG One with a V6 engine, and "let's just leave it at that."

We already know that the Chiron successor uses a heavily electrified powertrain. Taking the statements in this video as a whole, it seems like the hypercar might use far fewer cylinders than the current W16.

Then, Rosberg finally takes delivery of his new hypercar. Rimac complains about the Nevera's key because it has to be plastic in order for the antennas inside to work. He'd rather use metal and carbon, but those materials block the signal.

When Rosberg climbs into the Nevera, he puts on white gloves and takes off his shoes. He seems very impressed with the car. The infotainment screen controls everything, including adjusting the seats and steering wheel. A dial next to the steering wheel moves through the driving modes.

The Nevera has 14 cameras. Rimac explains that this is to benefit people taking the hypercar on the track. Drivers can download the footage and overlay the vehicle's telemetry onto the video.

Rosberg promises a future video where he and Rimac take a drive together in the Nevera. We can't wait to see what the former Formula One driver thinks of the 1,914 bhp (1,408 kilowatts) machine.