You have not been able to order a new Model S or Model X in Europe for almost two years now, but Tesla says it has just opened the Euro order books again and it estimates first deliveries should begin by the end of the year. You can now also pick the Plaid version of either model for the very first time in Europe too.

In fact, it’s only the two Plaid variants that are expected to begin Euro deliveries before the end of the year - in November or December, according to the manufacturer - with dual-motor model deliveries starting later, sometime in 2023. In fact, you can’t currently place down an order for a dual-motor model.

In Germany the Tesla Model S Plaid costs from €137,990, while the Model X plaid starts at €140,990. For reference, in the US they start at $129,990 and $138,990 before incentives, so not that big of a price difference, especially considering how close the two currencies are.

Gallery: Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Day

Tesla stopped offering the Model S and Model X in Europe in January of 2021 when it introduced refreshed versions of both (and the Plaid variant) and then had difficulties ramping up production even just to meet local US demand. But now it looks like the manufacturer is confident enough in its production capacity to offer its two flagship models on the Old Continent again, paving the way for innumerable Plaid top speed run videos down the autobahn...

The manufacturer has yet to reach its desired sales figures for the Model S and X, which is 25,000 units each quarter, although in Q2 2022 it announced it had managed to sell 16,411 units combined, nearly double its Q3 2021 production figure. In fact, the second quarter of this year was really good for the Tesla with over 250,000 vehicles delivered, 25 percent up year-over-year.