The last time we caught a Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV test vehicle, it was making use of its rear-steer capability for tight turns in a snowy arctic landscape. Our most recent sighting sees the high-performance EV taking a leisurely turn through a roundabout, but based on the location, things won't stay leisurely for long.

That's because our spy crews caught this AMG prototype prowling outside the Nurburgring in Germany. Hopefully we'll get some follow-up shots on the track, but the roundabout near the famous course is ideal for snapping clear, high-resolution photos. That's exactly what we have here, showing a low-riding vehicle with aggressive Michelin Pilot Sport tyres on 22-inch wheels. That's a major clue to this camo-wrapped SUV being an AMG model, as are the massive brakes visible behind the spoked rims. Less obvious are wider side skirts, but it all points to the same AMG conclusion.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV Spy Photos

The snug camo wrap doesn't hide the outline of the EQE SUV's grille or corner vents up front. We already have a good idea of the standard EQE's face thanks to photos of an uncovered test vehicle earlier this year, but the AMG model should feature some sporty tweaks to set it apart. There could be two AMG variants, a range-topping EQE 53 and an entry-level EQE 43. Our sources believe this is the 53, with the 43 having a less-aggressive stance and lower power.

Speaking of which, the days of AMG juicing up internal combustion Mercedes engines are numbered. The all-electric EQE 53 SUV will likely get the same 677-bhp (506-kilowatt) rating as the Mercedes-AMG EQE saloon, utilising two electric motors with a 90.6-kWh battery. As such, an EQE 43 SUV could offer 469 bhp (350 kW), mirroring the EQE 43 saloon. Inside, you can expect Mercedes' Hyperscreen dash-spanning display, and we've already seen the cool rear-steering feature in action.

We haven't had many AMG sightings, but it's been 10 months since we saw our first EQE SUV prototype in public. That means a debut sometime before the end of 2022 is likely. In the meantime, check out the Rambling About Cars podcast for more Mercedes discussion.