A new Carwow YouTube video pits an unlikely pair in a tug-of-war battle. The channel ties a potent Hennessey Mammoth TRX to a rally-ready Bowler Land Rover Defender. It’s an odd matchup, but tug-of-war battles are almost always about more than just pure power – although it certainly helps.

Hennessey thought the Ram 1500 TRX and its supercharged 6.2-litre V8 didn’t make enough power. It pumps out 702 bhp (523 kilowatts) and 650 pound-feet (881 Newton-metres) of torque from the factory, but Hennessey cranked that up to 1,026 bhp (754 kW) and 969 lb-ft (1,315 Nm). The Hennessey has four-wheel drive, a locking differential, and an eight-speed gearbox while tipping the scales at 3,200 kilograms (7,054 pounds).

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The Bowler Defender retains Land Rover’s 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which makes a lot less than the Hennessey – 300 bhp (220 KW) and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque. However, the Defender is lighter at 2,200 kg (4,850 lbs), which is another disadvantage.

The first tug-of-war ties just one Land Rover to the Ram. The truck is able to tow the Land Rover a few feet before the bout ends in a stalemate, with both vehicles digging their tyres into the dirt.

The second tug-of-war added a second Bowler Defender, but it didn’t turn the tide of the battle. Instead, the three vehicles didn’t move at all, with the two Land Rovers and the Hennessey digging their tyres into the ground.

The final tug-of-war battle adds a third Defender, and it’s finally enough to win. The Hennessey stood no chance at the start, with the three Land Rovers quickly tugging the truck across the halfway point and winning.

Tug-of-war battles are always fun to watch, but they don’t really reveal much about a vehicle’s performance capability. The Hennessey has tremendous power compared to the Bowler, but the Bowler didn’t just roll over without a fight in the first battle.