Having driven the Volkswgen ID.4, Skoda Enyaq and Audi Q4 E-Tron in close succession last year what struck me was just how different they all felt for vehicles that ride on the same platform, draw from the same battery pack and have the exact same power output.

The Skoda was the best value for money proposition (the most affordable and roomiest of the three), the Audi had a bit of a sportier edge and of the three the ID.4 was frankly the least appealing.

Mind you, the Volkswagen model still has its merits, but I thought it was objectively not as good as the other two. Now my impression has been confirmed in this video published by Electrifying that compares the three models and reaches pretty much the same conclusion, also recommending the Skoda as the best out of this trio.

Why does this video argue that the ID.4 is not as good as the other two? Well, it has a smaller boot than the Enyaq, its interior isn’t as interesting and it’s also more expensive. The Skoda gets a more traditional interior and exterior design, making it easier to adapt to compared to the slightly weird looking VW, which from some angles looks a bit awkward; the two other models don’t have these and both look like more traditional vehicles.

It’s no surprise then that the Skoda Enyaq is almost as popular in terms of sales, even though it doesn’t have the same badge appeal as the VW - in 2021, Skoda sold 44,700 Enyaqs in Europe while VW managed to deliver 53,605 ID.4s . In fact, in the Electrifying comparison video, presenter Tom Ford (aka Wookie) also argues that for electric vehicle buyers, the badge is not as important, which is why we’re seeing people rave on about car brands that would not have been fashionable to brag about a decade or more ago.

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