The Mini Concept Aceman will debut 27 July, according to a new teaser. The brief video on Instagram offers a glimpse of the vehicle.

The teaser video doesn't show much. The most prominent look is at the taillights' pixel display that is capable of changing what they display. There's also a glimpse of what might be the grille with a similar ability to show images using the array of lights.


Other quick cuts in the video show a mirror on a blue stalk and with a green surround. There are also abstract drawings in blue, green, and pink somewhere on the vehicle.

It's possible that the Aceman might be the electric crossover from a teaser in June. That model wears Mini's new design language that the company calls Charismatic Simplicity. The vehicle is supposed to premiere in late July, so the timing matches up.

Neither teaser offers a very clear look at the model. The earlier glimpse appears to show a vehicle with more angular styling than existing or previous models from Mini.

Mini says that the goal behind the Charismatic Simplicity design language is to give its new vehicles an individual character for each one's appearance. The automaker's other objective for these future products is to use more sustainable materials in their production. This includes not using animal-sourced leather and ditching chrome elements.

Inside, the future Minis will put a touchscreen display inside the brand's centre-mounted, round instrument cluster. There will still be physical controls below this screen.

There are no powertrain specifics available yet, but the new electric Minis ride on a platform specifically for electric vehicles.

A three-door, electric Mini hatchback will reportedly debut either in late 2022 or 2023. It will allegedly be available with two batteries. A 40-kilowatt-hour pack will offer an estimated 185 miles (297 kilometres) of driving. A version with 50 kilowatt-hours will push that distance to around 250 miles (402 kilometres).