Electric vehicles are becoming quicker by the day. Names like Tesla, Rimac, Lucid, and Porsche all vie to make the fastest and quickest battery-powered vehicles, showing the world that the EV industry has come a long way from slow golf karts.

But not all EVs are quick. In fact, there are several urban mobility types of transport that are pure electric, and four of them are on a tight contention of straight-line speed, courtesy of the UK's What Car.

In this drag race, it's a matchup between Citroën Ami, Estrima Biro, Scooterpac Cabin Car, and Sinclair C5.

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At this point, we're very much familiar with the Citroen Ami. It's a two-seat quadricycle that's available in the UK starting under £8,000. Its battery capacity of 5.5 kWh can squeeze out around 40 miles from the 485-kilogram (1,069-pound) mini EV, propelled by an electric motor that puts out a measly 8 bhp. Despite those measly numbers, it has a My Ami Buggy version that sold out in just minutes when it was launched last month.

Meanwhile, the Italian Estrima Biro is similar to the Ami in terms of top speed despite making half the power from its electric motor. It's also lighter at 350 kg (772 lbs).

Interestingly, those aforementioned vehicles above are the quickest of the bunch, and yet the next two are the more exciting rivalry.

Despite being the older of the four vehicles here, the Sinclair C5 isn't the slowest with a top speed of 15 miles per hour (24 kilometres per hour). That distinction goes to the Scooterpac Cabin Car, which is a mobility scooter that only weighs 178 kg (392 lbs) and has a face-melting top speed of 8 mph (13 km/h) when in stock form.

While we always ask which was the quickest of a particular drag race, we beg to differ this time around. Which do you think was the slowest? Watch the video atop this page to find out.