The new six-speed manual model of the six-cylinder-powered Toyota Supra gets a Matte White Edition that's exclusive to the Japanese market. To make this vehicle extra special, the automaker is producing just 50 of them, and they're available by lottery. 

The special model wears the colour Matte Avalanche White Metallic. The interior is Tan leather. It also comes with a Matte White Edition carbon badge on the passenger side of the dashboard.

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Prices for the Supra Matte White Edition start at ¥7,890,000 (approx. £47,600 at current exchange rates). For comparison, a regular six-speed, six-cylinder Supra is ¥7,313,000 (£44,100). Folks from Japan have from 20 July to 21 August to apply to get the special model. Deliveries will begin in October.

Toyota confirmed the 2023 Supra with a manual gearbox in April 2022. It has a final-drive ratio of 3.46, versus 3.15 for the automatic. You can identify the model by the red Supra lettering on the rear bumper.

With the manual, the interior is slightly different to create a 1.7-inch clearance between the buttons on the console and the shift knob.

The US gets the A91-MT special edition. It takes the Premium grade and adds Cognac leather with an Alcantara-wrapped shift knob. There's a 12-speaker JBL stereo. Toyota is making just 500 of them.

The 2023 Supra in the US also receives tweaks to the suspension and steering. There's also a new Hairpin+ function that allows for a greater difference in the degree of wheel spin.

In Europe, there's a new Lightweight version that sheds 38.3 kilograms (84.4 pounds). These models lose the seats' leather upholstery, power adjustment, and lumbar support.

There continue to be rumours of Toyota building a high-performance GRMN Supra.

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