A huge sinkhole appeared in New York City. In a video uploaded by the Associated Press on YouTube, the unwelcome pit appeared on a Bronx street. The video atop this page showed two vehicles parked near the mouth of the sinkhole – a white Dodge cargo van and a Honda Accord.

Then suddenly, the edge of the sinkhole collapsed, swallowing the Dodge van in the process. The Accord narrowly escaped the ordeal, with one of its wheels already hanging in the air. The van disappeared in plain sight but when you take a peek near the mouth of the sinkhole, you'd see it at the bottom of the pit.

According to NBC News, the van's owner, Antonio Papadopoulus, was at the scene when the incident happened. He was actually happy about what happened.

"Because I lost my van. I don't want to be sad or mad or this ... I want to be happy," Papadopoulus told NBC News when asked why.

The rest of the residents within the area of the sinkhole weren't as optimistic as the van's owner. According to reports, there will be an extensive repair on the structure of the entire street, which would result in inconvenience among the residents. Since the incident, 75 customers have already lost water service. It's unclear whether their services have been restored at this time.

This isn't the first sinkhole incident in the area, according to the residents.

The entire tri-state area was slammed with torrential rain earlier this week, causing floods in several areas including New York. Authorities, however, said that the severe weather conditions weren't the cause of the unfortunate sinkhole in the Bronx.

Reports of sinkholes have been around for quite a while, oftentimes involving unsuspecting cars that were present at an unfortunate time. One of the biggest sinkholes we've seen happened two years ago in China where it devoured 21 cars simultaneously.