A non-running 2001 Honda RA00E 3.0-litre V10 Formula 1 engine from the 2001 season sold for €24,206 (£20,600 at current exchange rates) in a recent auction in The Netherlands. It received 47 bids. Both the Jordan and BAR teams used this black during that year.

According to the auction listing, this Honda naturally aspirated V10 with an 80-degree angle between the banks of cylinders was capable of making 830 bhp (619 kilowatts) at an astronomical 17,900 rpm. In race trim, it produced 815 bhp (608 kW) at 17,500 revs.

Gallery: Honda RA001E V10 F1 3.0-liter Engine Block From 2001 Formula 1 Season

The engine wasn't very successful in 2001, though. The best results that season were when Jacques Villeneuve drove the BAR-Honda to third-place finishes at the Spanish Grand Prix and German Grand Prix. You can see the full 2001 F1 season info on Motorsport Stats.

This engine does not run because the internal components, like the pistons, are gone. According to the auction listing, Honda rebuilt these powerplants every 1,200 kilometres (746 miles). For some reason, after this block's last race, Honda removed some components and mounted the mill to a stand with a base in the shape of the automaker's emblem.

Given that the new owner can't install this powerplant in a car, at least not without finding all of the internals, a gearbox, and the necessary electronics, this block probably has a future as a display piece. You could easily imagine it as an exhibit in a Honda dealer's showroom or in the garage of a hardcore enthusiast of the brand.

During this period, Honda was an engine supplier from 2000 to 2005. From 2006 to 2008, it became a constructor for the Honda Racing F1 Team. For the 2009 season, the squad became Brawn GP when Honda stepped away from the sport. The automaker returned in 2015 to power the McLaren squad.