Freightliners are known for their massive semi-trailer trucks that hulk on the road. You just can't miss them when you see one on the road, especially with the fact that Optimus Prime transforms into that huge thing.

But this 2008 Freightliner Coronado doesn't double as a leader of an alien robot race. It's a Haulmark conversion that can dwarf even the biggest motorhomes we've seen so far, like the Kenworth-Airstream customer camper from before. In fact, this rig is so big, that it allows you to bring your home and all your cars with you on your vacation.

Gallery: 2008 Freightliner Coronado Motorhome + Haulmark Garage Trailer

Nathan Cicio of Cicio Performance posted this 14-year-old Freightliner rig for sale on Facebook. According to him, a new rig is arriving so he had to make room for that. Both the truck and trailer are in good condition, while the exterior has been wrapped by Cicio himself.

The truck, as mentioned, is originally a 2008 Freightliner Coronado powered by a Detroit Diesel engine. The specifics of the mill aren't posted but Cicio said the rig should reach 70 miles per hour (113 kilometres per hour) without any issues.

As with any typical massive motorhome, this rig comes with a living room, a full kitchen with a double-door fridge, a standing bathroom, and a master's bedroom with a queen-size bed. The interior design's dated, though, but if you're into nostalgic aesthetics, this shouldn't be a problem.

The other highlight of this motorhome conversion is the 36-feet (11 metre) 2008 Haulmark trailer that comes with the rig. It stands as a mobile two-story garage that can accommodate up to two cars. Equipped with an Onan 12.5 generator, an air compressor with five drops, and a liftgate stacker, the garage area comes with several storage points for tools and an observation deck upstairs.

If you're interested in this rig, Cicio is asking $425,000 (approx. £358,000) for it and that includes the whole package.